In order to serve all clients fairly and to prevent misunderstanding, Samuel Jackson Mortuary and Cremations has established a uniform payment policy.

It is customary to pay charges at the conclusion of the arrangement conference with your memorial counselor.

To confirm scheduled events, payment of charges and demand for payment in full is required by the close of business the day prior to the first viewing, or no more than one week after the arrangement conference, whichever occurs first. Acceptable forms of payment are as follows: Cash ( No out-of-town checks), Cash app, Paypal, Zelle, Cashier Check, All Major Credit cards, Funeral Trust Accounts, Life Insurance Policy and preneed transfer credits from any funeral home.

A Credit Card Service fee will be applied, If this mode of payment is selected.

All Insurance Policies will assume a 8.85% fee addition to all service performed total amount.

We offer the courtesy of accepting all Life/ Burial Polices under these conditions:

The Policy is in force and assignable with a signed promissory note from all beneficiaries to accompany the paperwork. (In case Insurance co does not pay, then responsible parties are responsible for reimbursement to Funding Company)

The Policy is an individual policy and not a group policy. (Most Group policies must be approved by management) to accept , Some companies group benefits will not be accepted as form of payment. ( Please consult Memorial Counselor)

Policy is presented 72 Hours before first viewing or scheduled event, and must completely verified by Management through insurance company that policy will cover forthcoming expenses, via funeral services.

All Beneficiary (ies) must sign and agree on all charges set forth 48 Hrs before scheduled events.

Should a credit balance result from any adjustments to a funeral contract or overpayment from insurance co. A refund will be issued on the 15th of the month following all services performed and we have received lenders final payment. This allows time to process and for any billing adjustments from outside vendors.